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It's simple: 1) Fill in the answers to the Baby Name Selector Quiz below, 2) Register with your information, 3) View our sponsors' offers. The Baby Name Selector system will then instantly analyze your responses and will present you with a selection of the perfect Baby Names based on your responses! It's that easy.

Question 1:  If choosing between something traditional and something new and unique, which would you choose?

Always unique
Mostly unique
Mostly traditional
Always traditional

Question 2:  When you hear about what a celebrity has recently named their baby, what is your reaction?

Not interested
You consider it if that name would work for your baby
You would never name your baby something that a celebrity chose
You consider it if that name would work for your baby

Question 3:  Once your baby is born, will you...?

Always call them by the name on the birth certificate
Call them by their given name except when they insist on using a nickname
Usually call them either a nickname or a generic name
Always call them by their nickname

Question 4:  Do you like to travel?

I travel all the time and love it
I travel sometimes
I want to travel, but haven't had the chance yet
I travel, but not internationally
I've never been more than 100 miles from home

Question 5:  Which phrase do you think best identifies you?

Trend follower

Men and women are both taking a more active role in parenting. What is your Gender?

Male Female

Question 6:  How long do you want your baby's name to be?

Very short - only 2 or 3 letters long
Normal length - 4 to 6 letters
Very long - at least 7 letters long
It doesn't matter

Question 7: When searching for a baby name, which of these words best describes your preferences?

Old fashioned

Question 8:  Which of these best describes your Bible reading habits?

I've never read any of it
I've read some, but not recently
I've read many portions of the Bible and am very interested in learning about it.
I've read the whole Bible

Question 9:  If you were to choose a non-traditional foreign name, which of these would you choose?

British names
Celtic names
Native American names
African names
Asian names
None of these

Question 10:  How many syllables do you want your baby's name to have?

Three or more
It doesn't matter

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